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DACHER Matthieu - Maître de conférences
Centre INRA - iEES Paris - Bât. 1
Route de St Cyr
Tél Pro :
+33 1 30 83 33 99
Département de recherche IEES
Niveau d'enseignement
- Master 2
- Master 1
- Licence
Equipe de recherche IEES
Site (campus)
- Versailles (78)
Thèmes de recherche

Neuroethology: plasticity, olfaction and insects

I study animal behavior and its physiological basis in an integrative framework. I am particularly interested in insects neuroethology (behavioral and neurobiological basis of plasticity).

Previously, I worked on learning and memory in the honey bee, modeling of fruitfly's antennal lobe neural network, behavioral and neurobiological plasticity during development of mice and cuttlefish, and mechanisms of synaptic plasticity during addiction in rodents.

Currently, I am interested in the way noctuid moths such as Agrotis ipsilon integrate information from their ecosystem according to their signification (valence, impact during development) and their functions (feeding, reproduction …). In particular, I investigate gustatory perception and plasticity, using neuropharmacological tools (octopaminergic and nicotinc pathways). Besides, I am also interested in scorpions and amblypigids.

Used techniques : conditioning, behavioral studies, behavioral neuropharmacology, statistics with R.


I mainly teach animal biology (comparative anatomy and physiology, biodiversity; lecture and lab classes) for undergraduate students in life sciences (50h/year), as well as statistics for Master students (80h/years) and Neuroethology (65/h/year). I also give lectures to undergraduate and graduate student about honey bee biology, ecophysiology and ecotoxicology of insects.
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Année : 2019
Titre/Chapitre : Effects of DEHP on post-embryonic development, nuclear receptor expression, metabolite and ecdysteroid concentrations of the moth Spodoptera littoralis.
Revue/Livre : Chemosphere
Volume : 215, pages de 725 à 738
Auteurs :
Année : 2019
Titre/Chapitre : Thymol affects congruency between olfactory and gustatory stimuli in bees
Revue/Livre : Sci Rep
Volume : 9, pages de 7752 à 0
Auteurs : Chapuy C, Ribbens L, Renou M, Dacher M, Armengaud C
Lien :
Année : 2019
Titre/Chapitre : Effects of Bisphenol A on post-embryonic development of the cotton pest, Spodoptera littoralis
Revue/Livre : Chemosphere
Volume : 235, pages de 616 à 625
Auteurs : Maria A, Malbert-Colas A, Braman V, Dacher M, Chertemps T, Maibeche M, Blais C, Siaussat D
Projets réalisés au cours des 3 dernières années
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Année : 2017
Programme : Projet émergence HAPA
Lieu : Paris
Laboratoire : iEES Paris
Pays partenaires : France
Année : 2016
Programme : ANR PRISM
Lieu : Paris
Laboratoire : iEES Paris
Pays partenaires : France
Année : 2015
Programme : ANR PhéroMod
Lieu : INRA de Versailles, Université Paris 13, Université Toulouse 3
Laboratoire : iEES Paris, Laboratoire d'Ethologie Expérimentale et Comparée, Centre de Recherches sur la Cognition Animale (Toulouse)
Pays partenaires : France
Plasticité - Neuropharmacologie - Ecologie sensorielle - Neuroéthologie - Insectes - Apprentissage et mémoire