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TROMEUR Eric - Doctorant(e)
Sorbonne Université - Faculté de Sciences - iEES Paris - Tour 44-45 - 4e ét. - cc 237
4, place Jussieu
75252 PARIS cedex 05
Tél Pro :
+33 1 44 27 32 49
Equipe de recherche IEES
Site (campus)
- S-U - P&M Curie - Bât. 44-45 et bât. 44-34
Thèmes de recherche
I am generally interested in the management of complex socio-ecosystems, with a focus on fisheries involving multiple species and multiple fleets. My PhD project is co-supervised by Nicolas Loeuille (Pierre and Marie Curie University) and Luc Doyen (Bordeaux University), and is concerned with developing theoretical tools to advance the ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management. I investigate the ecological and economic consequences of multispecies management policies - multispecies catches and profit maximization - in a food web context. I am also interested in the simultaneous management of multiple ecosystem services and objectives (for instance provisioning services such as fish catches, and regulating services such as ecosystem resilience). To this aim, I combine tools from theoretical ecology, bioeconomics, and fisheries science.
Année : 2017
Titre/Chapitre : Balancing yield with resilience and conservation objectives in harvested predator-prey communities
Revue/Livre : Oikos
Volume : 0, pages de 0 à 0
Auteurs : Tromeur, E., Loeuille, N.,
Année : 2016
Titre/Chapitre : Impact of dispersal on the stability of metapopulations
Revue/Livre : Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume : 392, pages de 1 à 11
Auteurs : Tromeur E., Rudolf L., Gross T.
Bioeconomics - Community ecology - Trophic networks - Ecosystem-based approach - Fisheries