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NUNAN Naoise - Chargé(e) de recherches
4 place Jussieu - Tr 44-45 - 2e étage - Bureau 212
75005 Paris
Tél Pro :
+33 1 44 27 41 06
Département de recherche IEES
Niveau d'enseignement
- Master 2
Equipe de recherche IEES
Site (campus)
- S-U - P&M Curie - Bât. 44-45 et bât. 44-34
Thèmes de recherche
I am interested in how fine-scale heterogeneity in soil affects microbial activity. The heterogeneity that I study includes spatial heterogeneity per se, but also the physical and chemical heterogeneity of the local environment of microbial communities - the microbial habitat. The nature of soil microbial communities and their functioning can only be fully understood if one accounts for how they interact with their habitat, as these interactions constrain not only their activity, but also place limits on the extent and the intensity of interactions among organisms
I am also interested in how such microscale interactions can affect soil C dynamics and how these can be adequately represented in mathematical models. 
More information and my publications can be found here:
or here:
Année : 2017
Titre/Chapitre : Game Changer in Soil Science The microbial habitat in soil: Scale, heterogeneity and functional consequences
Revue/Livre : J. Plant Nutr. Soil Sci.
Volume : 180, pages de 425 à 429
Auteurs : Nunan, N
Soil pore network - Soil microbial ecology - C dynamics