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PIERRET Alain - Chargé(e) de recherches
IRD délégation régionale Ile-de-France - iEES Paris
32, avenue Henri Varagnat
93143 BONDY cedex
Tél Pro :
+33 1 48 02 55 34
Département de recherche IEES
Niveau d'enseignement
- Ecole doctorale
- Master 2
- Master 1
- Licence
Thèmes de recherche

I am a research scientist with more than 15 years of experience in the fields of biophysics - including root-soil interactions -, agronomy, natural resource management and environmental archaeology.
After working in Australia, for the CSIRO, Land and Water, from 1997 to 2003, I was appointed as a research scientist with IRD in December 2004. I have been posted in Vientiane, Lao P.D.R. from April 2005 to August 2010, as seconded staff to IWMI's regional office, and then again since September 2011. I have written and co-written several successful research proposals (GRDC (Australia), CPWF, Michelin-IFC (France), ANR (France)). Between 2009 and 2011, I have coordinated, at the national level, the Management of Soil Erosion Consortium (MSEC) and the ANR- AiRD-“Sedentarites” programme in Lao P.D.R. I currently am the coordinator of the ANR-Ecosfix for Bioemco in Laos.
I am a section editor for the journal Plant and Soil and I have published over 50 scientific articles / book chapters among which 35 in peer-reviewed international journals, 23 dealing with roots/soil structure.
I have also supervised under- and post-graduate students, including 3 PhDs.
My current research interests include the complex interactions between land use / land use change, plant growth and the water and carbon cycles.
Projets réalisés au cours des 3 dernières années
Année : 2014
Programme : ANR - Agrobiosphere
Lieu : Luang Prabang
Laboratoire : UMR 242 iEES Paris UMR 234 GET Géosciences environnement Toulouse - IRD UMR 5557 LEM - CNRS DR7 Laboratoire d'Ecologie Microbienne LSCE UMR 8212 - CNRS DR4 Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement
Pays partenaires : Laos
Enracinement profond - Prelevement d'eau - Macroporosite - Structure du sol - Racines
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