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THEBAULT Elisa - Chargé(e) de recherches
Sorbonne Université - Faculté de Sciences - iEES Paris - Bât. 44-45 - 5e ét.
4 Place Jussieu
75252 PARIS cedex 05
Tél Pro :
+33 1 44 27 56 71
Equipe de recherche IEES
Site (campus)
- S-U - P&M Curie - Bât. 44-45 et bât. 44-34
Thèmes de recherche
One of my main research interest concerns how diversity and the structure of species interaction networks influence community properties, stability and ecosystem functioning.
More specifically, I’m interested in :
(1) Combining different types of interactions (e.g. mutualistic and antagonistic interactions such as herbivory, pollination and parasitism, biotic and abiotic interactions involving nutrient dynamics) in the study of ecological networks;
(2) Linking network structure, species functional traits and ecosystem functioning ; and
(3) Studying the effects of environmental changes on the structure of interaction networks and their consequences on ecosystems.
Interaction networks - Diversity - Stability - Ecosystem functioning - Food webs